Bathroom Remodeling – Should you do it?

Bathroom Remodeling – Should you do it?

Should you remodel your bathroom?
If you are planning on selling a home and want to know if remodeling is a good idea, generally the answer is actually no. Statistically, you will get about 70% of the price spent back in terms of purchase price. Now a remodel can help you sell faster and if you’re bathroom is very old or in bad shape, needing of repairs then it can be a good idea!

If you are moving into a new house and want to remodel your bathroom that’s a completely different story of course, but either way here are some guidelines to start with….

Set a budget first (this actually might be a good rule of thumb in most cases 🙂
Bathroom remodeling can go from low to high cost faster than you can find parking at home depot.

Type and Layout
Decide if you’re going with a traditional standard bathroom, half or wet. Then figure out the layout. We generally recommend keeping the existing layout if you want to keep costs down! If you have to replumb things costs can go up quickly. Things to keep in mind do you want a bathtub – stand alone or built in with the shower – if you’re splurging or space is at a premium a wet bathroom can be fun (but not cheap).

Lighting and Outlets
You want to make sure lighting is flattering and well placed – a light right over your countertop can cause reflections. Also make sure there’s enough light for activities like applying make-up.
And don’t forget the outlets! Imagine finishing up and then realizing you don’t have a place to plug in the hair dryer or electric toothbrush 🙁

Plan and Communicate
If you’re not DIYing this and hiring a contractor then we cannot stress communication enough. You want this planned out, written out with dates, scope and materials to be used. You might think you went over it and the contractor understood everything and then on installation day you’re not on the same page – don’t assume – that and set a budget will get you far 🙂

What about a mini-upgrade?
Sometimes just upgrading a few fixtures like lights and faucets can actually make a big difference so especially if you’re selling consider a mini upgrade instead of remodel!