Curb Appeal – Little Steps Make a Big Difference

Curb Appeal – Little Steps Make a Big Difference

If you’re thinking about selling and want to sell your house faster at a higher price then curb appeal is one of the first things should focus on. And you can make dramatic improvements for only a few hundred dollars!
First Impressions are important so lets focus on a few easy and low cost ways to boost your curb appeal.

Check the numbers
This might seem silly but if people can’t find your house, they can start the tour on the wrong foot. Look into getting new house numbers as it will make your house look fresher too.
This goes for the mailbox as well! A beatup or old mailbox is an eyesore and a new one might only be $20!

Keep It Clean
If you’re sidewalk or driveways are dirty, get a pressure washer to clean them up. Also make sure walkways are safe and even – if you have a broken walkway or paving stones consider getting those fixed!

Frame the Entrance
Make sure the entrance to the house is welcoming from lights to railways – if you have an old screen door, consider replacing. A fresh coast of pain on the front door can help too.

A New Coat
If you haven’t painted the house in a while consider painting it or at least touching up problem areas. Another low cost way to make your house pop is just repainting the trim and doors in a contrasting color. Be bold but not too bold in the color choice!

Freshen up with Flowers
Ok if doesn’t have to be flowers but check your landscaping. A tree might help frame the house and can boost the appeal for as low as $50! Flower boxes in the windows might be a nice low cost touch. After you put in new planting make sure to keep them watered so the look fresh and healthy for you the open house!

Look at Your House with New Eyes
You look at your house everyday but walk around your house as first time visitor and see what sticks out in need of repair – unhealthy plantings, weeds, cracks in the pavement – fixing the little things can make a big difference!